cultivating abundance

cultivating abundance, to me means to grow. to continuously learn, play, and love. I offer health and garden coaching. adding the element of home grown foods with daily self care practices is truly powerful. i’ve found a drive to share with others my skills and kmowledre so that anyone can find a sense of balance in their life.


What we offer 


Every garden is perfectly suited for the clients individual needs. We utilize companion planting as well as defensive planting to benefit your garden! Fruits, veggies, flowers; the options are endless!


We love container gardening and raised beds. Methods such as square foot gardening and using native plants are just a few ways we deliver great spaces. DIY or fully installed gardens are available. We start our own seeds to offer wonderful seedlings to transplant into your garden as well. 

Upkeep and coaching

Maintenance and coaching sessions are available to ensure the vitality of your simple kitchen garden! Interested but don't have time to tend to your garden? Let us know! We offer a weekly maintenance package to take the work out of simple kitchen gardening!

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Morgan's gardening adventure began....

when she and her husband moved to Northwest Arkansas. She grew up on a farm in Southwest Arkansas, and after moving to the suburbs, missed the rooted feeling of a farm. She began testing out different methods of small space organic gardening. Soon she relalized she had a passion for gardening that needed to be shared. By combining her family's knowledge and her own tips and tricks she now offers clients endless options for a beuatiful and successful simple kitchen garden.